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iOS Theme Maker

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Theme your iDevice in little time with little skill. Its time to kill time in Photoshop instead of the theme making process. Show your skill and build your heart out in iOS Theme Maker!

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What We Do?

Powerful Programs That Look Beutiful

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We focus on creating innovative programs instead of copying the existing ones which are already available.

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We make sure to use and provide the latest support so that you can have a experience unlike you have had ever before.

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Creating great stuff is not an end itself, so we make sure to create a beautiful and elegant design for all of our programs.

Our Programs

Download and install our latest projects!

project 1

R3DP0IS0N Jailbreak (Outdated)

ProgramR3DP0IS0N Jailbreak (outdated)
R3DP0IS0N jailbreak tool is a a tethered jailbreak tool for the iPhone 4 running iOS 7. It supports all versions of iOS 7 till iOS 7.0.5.
  • Changed 'Just Boot' to Device.
  • Added 'Customize' in Device menu.
  • Added Custom Cydia Icons.
  • Added R3DP0IS0N wallpapers.
  • Added a new and improved UI.
  • Fixed some cydia update problems.
  • Added ability to install Tweaks to iDevice.
  • Fixed extraction properties.

Note: This program is extremly outdated, and I am only keeping it here for reference. Thanks for all the support this program has given me!

project 2

iOS Theme Maker

ProgramiOS Theme Maker
Create stunning themes for iOS. Ranging from our extensive and still growing WinterBoard themer, or making your own stunning Zeppelin theme. Quickly and easily!
  • iOS 6-9 support (IconBundles)
  • Theme icons with one button click
  • Send theme to iPhone automatically over WiFi (SSH)
  • Save your theme so you can easily update icons for later development
  • Gives you icon size requirements
  • Names icons for you. No more worrying about bundle ids
  • Removed useless buttons from Zeppelin Theme Maker
  • Cleaned up GUI more on Zeppelin Theme Maker
  • Fixed Save/Load bugs in Winterboard Theme Maker
  • Fixed Custom Icon set bugs part of Winterboard Theme Maker
  • Update manager now downloads from Theme Maker client instead of taking you to the site
  • Badge Themer added to Winterboard Theme Maker
project 3

Developer Portal

The following page is strictly for R3DP0IS0NJB staff, [maybe] at a later date we are going to make theme sharing possible, but until then only developers will have access!
  • project 1

    R3DP0IS0N Jailbreak (Outdated)

    Click For More Info!

  • project 2

    iOS Theme Maker V3.1.4.0

    Click For More Info!

  • project 3

    Developer Portal

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Who We Are?

We are a group of people from across the world, who work and share ideas with each other.

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Jonathan Dolbee

Founder and Head Programmer

Something isn't perfect until the world agrees on it.

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Nicolas Baez


When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.

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Jesse Knodat


When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.


  • Graphic Design

  • Html & Css

  • Visual Basic

  • Kindness

Small Team

Although our team is quite small, we do amazing things. We've grown from a person who stole code from another team, to a group who works on a completly different framework. Size doesn't matter when it comes to this team. We show small teams can make great things.

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What Our Users Say?

"R3DP0IS0N's iOS theme maker helped me complete my theme in a little over a week! Highly recommended!"

client 1 Daniel User

"I gave it a try and loved it. The support for R3DP0IS0N theme maker is unbelievable!"

client 2 Mike User

"Jailbroke my iPhone 4 flawlessly. The first iOS 7 jailbreak that worked like it should of. Thank you R3DP0IS0N!"

client 3 Sachin User

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

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